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Why Brainscape is different.

Brainscape is laser-focused on helping employees master fact-heavy subjects using convenient, adaptive, bite-sized study sessions. Our self-directed microlearning experience uses scientifically optimized algorithms to make knowledge truly stick.

How does
it work?

Self-directed microlearning.

Employees use Brainscape in frequent, bite-sized study sessions during their down-time. Our distributed adaptive learning experience can supplement or replace your existing "linear" training that rarely sticks.

Flexible content authoring.

Brainscape allows trainers to organize "decks", add images & sounds, and collaborate with multiple editors for real-time content deployment.

Detailed user analytics.

You can easily track employee study progress and identify areas for improvement, no matter if your employees are studying in a web browser or in the Brainscape mobile app.

Secure employee access.

A company license of Brainscape Pro will provide employees with all the same Pro features as regular users, but with your own private landing page behind HTTPS encryption. You have complete control over who has access.

Sell your flashcards.

Privately resell your content // Monetize your flashcards // Provide flashcards to your customers.

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Top uses
for Brainscape:

  • Employee onboarding

    Quickly train new hires on company history, product info, & operating procedures.
  • Sales training

    Help salespeople close more deals with better knowledge of your product & market.
  • Product launches

    Train employees so quickly that it's as if they've known the new product for years already.
  • Operating procedures

    Memorize checklists so quickly that nobody will miss a critical step ever again.
  • Restaurant menu items

    Improve servers' verbal dish descriptions, and enhance up-selling opportunities.
  • Financial regulations

    Pass certifications in less than half the study time, so your team can focus on higher value activities.
  • Continuing medical education

    Internalize new research & tactics faster than with your usual videos, conferences, or static readings.
  • Policing protocols

    Drill the correct action for every situation, so that good policing becomes second nature.
  • Military procedures

    Develop servicemen & women more efficiently than with traditional readings & training activities.
  • Executive faces & names

    Learn the names & positions of key people at your company or client organization.

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