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Helping optimize the way you study, teach, and learn.

Welcome to the Brainscape Academy!

Here, you will find a hearty buffet of advice on how to excel at learning—or to help your students or employees excel—whether it’s in high school biology, a company’s new product catalogue, or the bar exam.

Built upon the bedrock of cognitive science, our guides contain real-world advice by top experts on how to learn any subject more efficiently and effectively than traditional study methods.

Intrigued? Here’s what you can look forward to in the Brainscape’s Academy if you’re a learner, educator, or employer...

Learners: Overcome the evils of inefficiency to become a learning machine

The Brainscape Academy will help you build strong study habits and find the self-discipline and willpower to avoid the temptations of social media, Netflix, and your ridiculously attractive crush. NO MORE shall you waste time on inefficient study techniques and procrastination! For once and for all, we can help you learn the best and most efficient way to study, whatever your subject.

But it’s not just the major struggles we tackle in our Academy. We also address some of students’ most pressing questions, like How can I optimize my brain health for improved performance? Is the background noise of my local coffee shop helping or hurting my studies? Are flashcards a useful study tool for college students? And so much more.

Our team of scribes have dug deep into the science of learning to answer these questions and hundreds more like them. Everything you ever needed to know about the right way to study and learn, whether you’re a high school, college, postgraduate, or lifelong learner, is right here!

Educators: Empower your students with the most efficient learning techniques, proven by cognitive science

As an educator, you don’t only want to equip your students with the content they need to excel in their subjects, but also the tools. You’ll find excellent, scientifically-grounded advice on how to do that right here in the Brainscape Academy!

We’ve consulted with top educators in pursuit of answers to some of the most pressing questions in the field of education, like: how can you improve students’ knowledge retention? What is the role of drill and practice in education (is there even a role for it anymore)? And should you be using educational games to help students learn? You’ll also discover how to find ready-made flashcards for your students, super helpful remote teaching strategies, why multiple-choice tests are so ineffective for helping students learn, and so much more.

Enrich yourself and your students, and enjoy the glory that comes with having a top-performing class. Check out our complete Teacher's Academy for more insightful, helpful, and actionable resources!

Employers: Optimize your workforce with L&D programs that have a sustained impact on employee knowledge

Every year, employers spend billions of dollars on learning and development (L&D) programs with the goal of empowering employees to perform better at their jobs. The problem is, too many of these L&D educational programs fall short of helping employees remember, implement, and create habits for what they learn.

The Brainscape Academy has the answers to how you, as an employer, can optimize the learning experience for your workforce, thereby helping them to become more productive, efficient, and successful. And this translates into improved ROI for your company.

Check out our complete Employee Training Academy for more great resources!

Where to next?

With the Brainscape Academy, you’ll discover a rich and varied smorgasbord of advice right at your fingertips, whichever your subject and whatever your challenge. Once you’ve equipped yourself with the right tools, you can start making flashcards right away or head on over to our Knowledge Genome to unlock pre-made flashcards for super-efficient studying.

May you, your students, and your employees rise to your challenge!

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