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Benefits of Ortho in relationship with perio

-Correct crowding
These provide better access for plaque removal and can correct/align the occlusal forces properly
-can create a more favorable crown:root ratio (intrusion)


What perio must be done before ortho therapy?

-periodontal therapy must remove deposits and resolve marginal inflammation prior to ortho therapy


What are the types of Perio-Endo Lesions?

1. Endodontic problem with fistulization from the tooth's apex. Pulpal infection can spread through accessory canals along root surface including furcation.
2. A periodontal pocket can deepen to the apex and secondarily involve the pulp
3. periodontal pocket can infect the pulp thru an accessory canal and this can result in a periapical lesion
4. Two independent lesions, periapical and periodontal can coexist and eventually fuse


Prognosis of combined perio-endo lesions:

-endodontic therapy is highly predictable
-ultimately the prognosis depends on the ability to manage the pd defect
-chronic pd component decreases prognosis
-Acut pd component increases prognosis


What is the treatment for combined perio-endo lesions?

-endodontic therapy is performed first
-removal of plaque and calculus
-Tooth evaluated: check if residual pocket and/or boney defect is present. and
-Periodontal therapy: osseous resentive surgery, and/or regeneration (bone grafting, barrier membrane)