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What is the difference between a project and a programme?

Project - is a specific and individual piece of work, it can vary in size and complexity, focus on a finite task
Programme - structured approach to managing the planning and delivery of a number of projects, each project contribute to the programme


What tool can you use to identify and prioritise internal and external stakeholders?

Mendelow’s Power/interest matrix - min effort, keep informed, keep satisfied, key players


What is the project management triangle?

Cost, quality, time (and safety) - can be used to define the success of the project, tensions between them, clarify stakeholders requirements


According to Pinto and Slevin, what create a project success?

10 CSFs
1 - clear mission and objectives,
2 - planning
3 - stakeholder engagement
4 - resourcing
5 - communication
6 - troubleshooting & risk management


Who outlined routes to project failure?

Greer - 10 items
1 - no prioritisation
2 - too many meetings, committees
3 - interrupted
4 - new deliverables
5 - no authority (empowered)
6 - lack of documents


What are the 7 elements of programmes and projects?

Meredith and Mantel
Interdependence, importance, performance, finite date, uniqueness, resources, conflict


How do you break down activities within a project/programme?

Work Breakdown Structure
Hierarchical approach, different levels (1 - scope, 2 - high level deliverables, 3 - individual tasks)


What type of project can occur within the supply chain department?

SC improvements - cost efficiencies, supplier rationalisation, SC tiering


What is Privity to the contract?

The purchaser & main contractor do not create legal rights/obligations between purchaser and subcontractor. Subcontractors can be nominated. Recourse through main contractor


What is the purpose of a buying alliance/purchasing consortium?

Gain greater leverage, better value for money - pooling resources, collaborating on spend


How can you take a buying alliance/ purchasing consortium a step further?

Joint venture - often arises in contracts that are too large for one org (e.g. HPC).
Share setup costs/co funding if mutual benefit


Name 2 types of SC relationships in projects and programmes?

Project partnering - main contractor & purchasing org working together on a single project
Strategic Partnering - main contractor & purchaser working together on a series of projects, promote CI


what is the purpose of a work breakdown structure and what are the typical levels?

it is a hierarchical and incremental decomposition of the project into phases, deliverables and work packages. start with end objective and subdivide into manageable components


what is the relationship between programme management and project management?

programmes - managing change, deal with uncertainty, includes many projects, should be flexible - programmes desired over projects.
Project - definite start and finish dates, clearly defined output,