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What is the purpose of the Appearance and Grooming policy?

To identify the standard hair, tattoo and piercing regs of GFD, and wearing regs for each.


What are hair grooming requirements?

-hair will be clean, groomed, natural color
-sideburns extend to bottom of earlobe
-beards and goatees are NOT acceptable
-stingers allowed (no larger than 1 square inch)


What is the tattoo policy?

-while on duty, tattoos can only be visible on arms and legs
-display of ANY unprofessional tattoos/brands while in uniform are prohibited


What is the policy on jewelry/piercings?

jewelry must be conservative and not present a safety hazard
-no inappropriate or offensive jewelry
-on duty, members may wear 1 stud per ear, not to exceed 2mm (can't rise above ear canal opening
-female in business attire may wear 1 dangling and 1 stud per ear, or 2 studs per ear
-any other visible body piercings are not allowed

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