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in effective communication, who the information is communicated to



Which of the following is not part of effective communication?

  • the sender
  • the receiver
  • the advertisement
  • information

the advertisement


Choosing target markets and studying their needs and decision-making process can make _____ more effective

Choosing target markets and studying their needs and decision-making process can make promotion more effective


in effective communication, the way the info will be transmitted to the receiver

communication channel


Describe the components of effective communication.


just read

  • communication begins with a person or organization (sender) that has info to communicate to another person or organization (receiver)
  • the sender chooses the way  (communication channel) the info will be transmitted to the receiver
  • before sending the message, the sender decides the form in which the info will be sent - text, spoken words, pictures, etc
  • the info is prepared (encoding)
  • the info is received by receiver and interprets it for understanding (decoding)
  • to be sure that the communication achieved the desired result, the sender needs to have a response from the receiver (feedback)
  • if the receiver understood the info and responds in a way the sender wanted, communication was effective
  • if the receiver does not respond or acts in an unexpected way, communication failed


in promotion, the business is the _____ and the consumer is the _____

in promotion, the business is the sender and the consumer is the receiver


What are the 2 types promotion?

  • personalized promotion
  • mass promotion


_____ merchandising allows a retailer to use visual signals to replace a salesperson for info



What is promotion used for?

to influence knowledge, beliefs, and actions about products, services or ideas


merchandising that uses visual signals to communicate in a retail setting

visual merchandising


non paid promotional communication presented by the media rather than by the business or organization that is being promoted



What is the most well known type of personalized promotion?

personal selling


a set of promotional activities designed to generate sales in the retail setting



Describe mass personalization.

  • begins with promotion thru mass media like newspapers, mass mailings, or internet
  • prospective customers see the advertisement and become interested in the product or service
  • the company then provides an easy to use method for the consumer to gather more personalized info
  • a customer who views an internet ad or uses a search engine to gather info can then be encouraged to complete an online survey
  • these questions provide the business with more specific info about the consumer including their interests and needs
  • after the survey is submitted, the consumer is taken to a more specific website tailored to their profile or they are sent an email with specific info


the exchange of information so there is common understanding by all participants

effective communication


  • is directed to many people at the same time
  • promotional message is not individualized
  • is less expensive

mass promotion


communicates directly with each customer using information tailored to that person

personalized promotion


direct, individualized communication with prospective customers to assess their needs and assist them in satisfying those needs with appropriate products and services

personal selling


What are common promotional channels?

  • advertising media
  • salespeople
  • the internet


communicates with many people at the same time with a common message

mass promotion


the most effective but also most effective type of promotion is

  • personal selling
  • advertising
  • publicity
  • public relations

personal selling


Describe displays.

  • set up by retailers to exhibit a product at the point of sale
  • sometimes placed at the front of stores to entice customers into the store
  • sometimes sale items are desplayed at the back of the store to make customers pass other merchandise to increase impulse purchasing


in effective communication, the receiver obtains the info from the channel and interprets it for understanding



a business needs to provide information to ____ in order to persuade them to make a purchase

a business needs to provide information to consumers in order to persuade them to make a purchase


in effective communication, preparing the info to be communicated



any form of communication used to inform, persuade, or remind



in effective communication, communication begins with this person or organization



includes activities and materials designed to reinforce a company's brand and image; it is also a direct incentive to take an action likely to immediately increase sales of a product or service

sales promotion


ongoing program of non paid and paid communications; it is planned to favorably influence public opinion about an organization, marketing effort, idea or issue

public relations


which promotion is the most effective form of marketing communication?

personalized promotion


who uses promotion?

  • businesses
  • organizations
  • groups
  • individuals


What are some examples of visual merchandising?

  • shelf labels
  • signs
  • displays


Which promotion type is the most expensive?

personalized promotion


How does identifying a target market improve promotion communications?

  • it makes promotion more effective
  • communication can be very specific to the needs of that group using media that are familiar to and trusted by those consumers
  • the business then will understand where teh customers are in the decision making process
  • business will tailor promotional messages
  • the early messages get attention and give simple info about the product or service and the needs it satisfies
  • later promotions can compare the product to competing brands - they can point out advantages that are important to the target market
  • when customers purchase the product, promotions can switch to providing reinforcement of their decision and offering after sale services


_____ is an important form of communication



any paid form of communication through mass media directed at identified consumers to provide information and influence



  • usually done face to face with each customer
  • customer visits the business to meet with a salesperson or the salesperson goes to the home or business of the customer
  • can be completed using telephone calls or live audio and video internet connections
  • often used for complex and expensive products and services

personal selling


What are the most common advertising media?

  • tv
  • radio
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • mass mailings
  • outdoor displays
  • internet


in effective communication, a response from the receiver to the sender