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___________ awarded to members or groups of members who have performed their duties at a mastery level.

Certificate of Commendation


In addition to other recipients of Certificates of Commendation, a member currently serving in, or supporting the functions of, _______ or _______ is selected each quarter to receive this recognition.

the Guard


___________ awarded to citizens in recognition of meritorious service rendered to JSO.

Certificate of Appreciation


__________ Posthumously awarded to a police service animal that loses its life in the performance of duty.

Canine / Equestrian Medal of Distinction


Physical Description of Canine / Equestrian Medal of Distinction:



Canine / Equestrian Medal of Distinction is presented to _______ and is retained_______

the animal’s handler
in the animal’s respective unit.


___________ awarded to a police service animal that sustained a serious injury while performing official duties.

Canine / Equestrian Courage Award


Physical Description of Canine / Equestrian Courage Award:



Commanding Officers present which years of service pins?

5, 10 and 15


The Sheriff or Undersheriff presents which years of service pins and where?

20 years or more
at the monthly awards ceremony


___________ awarded to members who have been promoted into supervisory or Sheriff’s staff positions.

Certificates of Promotion


Certificates of Promotion are awarded to members who have been promoted into _____ or _____

Sheriff’s staff positions.


The Meritorious Awards Review Board is responsible for selecting recipients of: (5)

the monthly employee awards
the annual employee awards
meritorious medals,
certificates of commendation
certificates of appreciation.


Monthly employee awards must be vetted by _______ prior to being presented to the Meritorious Awards Review Board

Peer Achievement Board


Annual employee awards are subject to who's final approval?

The Sheriff


The Meritorious Awards Review Board is composed of : (3)

(1) Director of Patrol and Enforcement
(2) All Division Chiefs; and
(3) Awards Coordinator (non-voting consultant).


Who is the chairperson of the Meritorious Awards Review Board:

Director of Patrol and Enforcement


The Peer Achievement Boards are responsible for: (3)

(1) Reviewing all monthly award nominations and submitting finalists to the Meritorious Awards Board for consideration;
(2) Selecting the recipients of the Peer Achievement Awards;
(3) Identifying nominations that should be considered for a Letter of Commendation by the member’s chain-of-command.


The Peer Achievement Boards are each composed of _______from the respective job classification, as well _______ to serve as the chairperson.

16 non-staff members
as a ranked member


Who selects members of the Peer Achievement Boards and how often?

Director of Patrol and Enforcement


What are the requirements to serve on the Peer Achievement Boards?

must not have received any discipline within the last year one-year commitment to serve on the Board.


Who facilitates the meetings of peer achievement Boards?

The chairperson of each board


When would the chairperson of a peer achievement board vote?

in the event of a tie


How many peer achievement boards are there? Name them:

Police Peer Achievement Board,
Corrections Peer Achievement Board,
Civilian Peer Achievement Board


What must accompany the submission for a peer achievement award? (2)

(1) A letter of concurrence from the nominee’s supervisor or the supervisor that responded to the scene of the meritorious act (if the submitter is neither of those);
(2) Supportive material, if available, such as news clippings, letters, reports, and verification of life-saving efforts.


Peer achievement award may be submitted using ______

electronic nomination form (P-0802E) located on the intranet.


Events referenced in a peer achievement award must have occurred when?

during the past year


Recommendations for meritorious awards that are generated from members of the community must be routed to ___________, who will determine if the nomination should be submitted via the electronic nomination form or should be handled in another manner.

the nominee’s supervisor


When submitting a nomination for an act or event that involved more than one member, _______ to document all/each nominee(s).

use only one electronic nomination form


Upon being recognized by an external organization for official acts, members must notify ___________ preferably before any official recognition ceremony.

the Awards Coordinator,


To maximize JSO’s effectiveness in its relationship with the community, _______ must encourage citizens to provide JSO with information on conditions in the community.

all JSO members


Specific community concerns and suggestions, including information gathered at community meetings, on social media platforms, and during one-on-one interactions with citizens, should be sent to_______



Regarding JSOFeedback@JaxSheriff.org., the Public Affairs & Public Relations Unit will:

(1) Review all concerns and suggestions submitted;
(2) Ensure these concerns and suggestions are addressed by forwarding them to the relevant unit;
(3) Use these concerns and suggestions, along with any actions implemented to address them, to complete a quarterly Community Progress Report for the Sheriff.


_______ will ensure a documented survey of citizen attitudes and opinions is conducted _______.

Public Affairs and Public Relations Unit
once every three years


Regarding the Citizens Survey: This survey may be carried out ______ or ______.

directly by various units within the agency
by an external entity with agency guidance


The Citizens survey will gauge the whole community on its opinion of JSO with respect to:

(1) JSO’s overall performance;
(2) JSO members’ overall competency;
(3) JSO members’ attitudes and behavior;
(4) The overall safety and security of Jacksonville; and
(5) Improvements JSO should consider in the future.


The results of the citizens survey will be compiled in a written summary, which will be sent to _______.

the Sheriff