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When was the censorship law passed

Feb 1933


What is censorshop

Forbade newspapers and any public meeting criticising Hitler


Who was Herman Göring

He was Minister without Portfolio + Minister of the Interior in Prussia


When did the Reichstag fire happen

27th Feb 1933


Who was caught at the scene of the Reichstag fire

Marinis Van Der Lubbe, a dutch communist


What is the Law for the Protection of People + State

This gave Hitler 12 years where he could suspend the civil rights of citizens


What is the Enabling Act

This Law allowed Hitler to rule Germany without needing to consent the Reichstag


What is Glecihschaltung

It means coordination and allowed Nazi to control every aspect of German life


What did the Nazi do during Glecihschaltung

All state parliaments were closed and replaced with Nazi majorities
Jews+ other enemies were removed from jobs in the legal system and civil service
All trade unions were closed and replaced with the DAF (German Labour Front)


When did the Night Of The Long Knives happen

30th June 1934


What did Rohm believe once the Nazi’s took over Germany

A second revolution where the SA would replace the army


Who was Ernst Rohm not trusted by

Herman Göring + Heinrich Himmler because they believed Rohm had too much power


What happened during the Night Of The Long Knives

Anyone Hitler believed to be a threat was killed.
First was Rohm other included Gustar Van Kahr (he opposed Hitler in the Munich Putch) and Von Schleicher


When did President Hindenburg die

2nd August 1934


What was the Enabling Act

It was a law that allowed Hitler 4 years to pass any law without needing to consult the Reichstag