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When did Christianity come to Ireland?

5th century


What are monasteries?

Monasteries are buildings in which monks and priests pray to God


What were the main buildings in a monastery?

The church, the abbots house, the refectory, the scriptorium, the cells and a round rower (the larger ones)


What were round towers used for?

As a bell tower


What did monks do?

They followed strict rules. They wore long tunics with woollen cloaks and leather shoes or sandals. The main activity was prayer (6-8 services a day) and they also worked in fields to produce food for the monastery (ploughing, harvesting, milking)


Christianity brought a lot of changes to Ireland, but what remained the same?

- People still lived in ring-forts, crannógs, hill-forts and promontory forts
- Farming remained the most important type of work