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At what temperature does the 2006-09 ALF engine clutch fan engage?

208 degrees


On the 2006-09 ALF, what is the max air restriction when operating at NO load?

Max with a load?

No load- 15"

Load- 25"


On the 2006 ALF, what pressure is the regulator of the air KWIK system set to?

150-175 psi 200 max


On the 2006 ALF air KWIK system, what pressure is the high pressure cylinder set to?

2216-4500 psi


On the 2006 ALF air KWIK system, at what pressure will the Automatic tank relief valve activate?

250 psi


On the 2006-09 ALF, when using the rotation interlock override buttons and the EPU, how far to the short jacked side can the ladder be moved?

8-10 degrees past the tiller cab

2 degrees past the tractor cab


On the 2006-09 ALF, where are the pins for the ground jack located?

On the inside


On the 2006-09 ALF, the aerial can be moved how far to the short jacked side?

4 degrees


On the 2006-09 ALF, what is the rating of the EPU?

7 minutes continuous use followed by a 10 minute break.

23% duty cycle

2.3 minutes every ten minutes


On the 2006-09 ALF, to do a cold check of the transmission fluid, the fluid temp should be between what temperatures?

60-120 degrees


If the ECU does not complete initialization, it will display ALL segments for more than how long?

12 seconds


What symbol is displayed on the ECU when a rated fault code is logged?

Cat eye


If the "check trans code" is active, the transmission will not do what?

Shift into range


On the 2006-09 ALF, the capstan receiver has a rating of how many pounds?

250 pounds


On the 2009 ALF, when using the wench system, for heavy loads turn the wench in what direction?

Clockwise (slow speed)


On the 2003-09 ALF, the oil pressure should not drop to less than what psi at 1800 rpm?

30 psi


When using the EPU in case of hydraulic or electrical failure, how is the aerial and outriggers controlled?

The Manual Circuit Selector must be activated.

Turn 1/4 turn to the left for aerial control.

Turn 1/4 turn to the right to control outriggers


On the 2006-09 trucks, when utilizing the winch on the capstan receiver, how many turns of the rope shall be made around the winch?

4-5 wraps from bottom to top