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Regarding Volume 2 MP 202.13 Fire Cause Investigation, what is necessary on all fires

determination of fire origin and cause


A fire investigation is conducted after fire control and salvage but before what actions, which could hinder the investigation?



Is a investigator needed for a vehicle arson with no identified suspects?

No, the company officer is responsible for completing an accurate Field Incident Report to document the fire cause.


TRUE/FALSE: Companies must stay on scene to complete overhaul activities even during lengthy investigations to help secure the scene.

FALSE: companies may return to quarters and later respond back to the scene for overhaul when requested by the Fire Investigators Sector.


TRUE/FALSE: Evidence of fire cause is rarely destroyed by fire.



Companies assigned to what sector should incorporate scene security and evidence preservation into their plan to stop the loss.

Loss Control Sector


Evidence cannot be used in court unless what?

Investigator can establish a chain of custody by proving who found the evidence, where it was found, the evidence was not tampered with while in official custody.


To ensure the chain of custody on a fire cause investigation call, the scene must remain in the sole custody of who?

The Fire Department


When persons disobey or interfere with a firefighter at a scene, what can happen?

they may be arrested, if necessary, in aggravated cases (Refer to PCC 23-21.1 or ARS 13-2904.5)


Fire Investigators are certified peace officers with police powers only in what type of matters?

arson related matters


An open burning permit may be obtained from where?

the Fire Prevention Division of the Fire Department