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define ecosystem

an ecosystem is made up of living organisms that interact with one another in a define area and the physical factors that are present in that region


what are the biotic factors

- interactions between living organisms
- usually involve competition for things such as food, space and breeding partners


what are the abiotic factors (5)

- light
- temperature
- water availability
- oxygen availability
- edaphic factors


effect of light

- greater the light availability, the greater the success of a plant species
- plants adapt to cope with different intensities


effect of temperature

- effects enzymes controlling metabolic reactions
- plants/endothermic animals develop rapidly in warm temperatures
- in animals : trigger migration or hibernation
- in plants : can trigger leaf-fall, dormancy and flowering


effect of water availability

- lack of water = stress = death if severe
- in plants : causes wilting as water is needed for photosynthesis and keeps cells turgid/upright
- xerophytes are adapted to cope with water stress


effect of oxygen availability

- aquatic ecosystems : fast-flowing cold water with high oxygen concentrations
- waterlogged soil : air spaces between soil are filled with water which reduces oxygen available to plants


effect of edaphic factors

- clay : fine particles, easily waterlogged and clumps when wet
- loam : different-sized particles, retains water, doesn't become waterlogged
- sandy : coarse, well-separated particles allowing free draining, doesn't retain water, easily eroded