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What does IZCM stand for?

Inter Zonal Coastal Management


When was the IZCM introduced and where?

The IZCM was introduced at the Rio Earth summit in 1992.


What does IZCM suggest on how to manage coastlines?

Entire coastal zones to be managed across multiple sediment cells, HOLISTICALLY. Bringing in ideas and intervention from all players i.e. individuals to goverments.


What is a sediment cell?

Sediment cells are areas along the coastline and in the nearshore area where the movement of material is largely self-contained. They can be considered as a closed coastal sub-system as far as sediment is concerned.


How many Sediment cells are in the UK?

There are 11 sediment cells in the uk.


Problems with IZCM?

Different views of different players can lead to problems.
Does it mean people have to change their lifestyle towards environmentalism?


What is environmentalism?

Environmentalism or environmental rights is a broad philosophy, ideology, and social movement regarding concerns for environmental protection and improvement of the health of the environment, particularly as the measure for this health seeks to incorporate the concerns of non-human elements.


What does SMP stand for?

Shoreline Management Plan


What does SMP do for a given coast?

Manages the shoreline while taking into account all sediment cells on that coast


What is the Hard management variant of SMP?

Hold the line - used on high economically valuable land


What method of SMP involves beach replenishment?

Advance the line - also consists of Groyne-age


What is the most useless form of SMP?

Do nothing - used on low economically valued land


What is managed retreat?

Letting coastal processes happen in the hopes that there is an advantageous outcome


What does EIA stand for?

Environmental Impact Assessment - pretty self explanatory, assessing impact of environment on a region


Where is the high economically valued land at Slapton?

Beesands, SMP used? Hold the Line, hard engineering


Above Beesands what SMP is used?

Do nothing, allows sediment to be transported up the beach as a protective barrier of the upper beach


Whhat SMP is used at Torcross and why?

Hold the line, high value land


Why are sediment cells closed?

Topography of the land prevents sediment from escaping the cell


Name one of the social stakeholders of Slapton.



Whitely Wildlife Conservation Trust preserves what in Slapton?

The SSSI/wildlife