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Describe the meaning of the symbols used in pedigree charts for male, female, affected, carrier and deceased individuals 


Describe the arrangement of lines indicating mating, parentage and offspring 


Be able to use the specific symbols for consanguinity, identical and fraternal twins 


Be able to construct pedigrees showing autosomal dominant  inheritance patterns 


Be able to construct pedigrees showing autosomal recessive inheritance patterns 


Distinguish the circumstances in which carriers will or will not be indicated on a pedigree that you must interpret. 


Determine the Coefficient of Relationship between two first cousins

(1/2)4= 1/16 for each cousin
If individuals A and E shared only one grandparent, the coefficient would be 1/16. But since they share a common grandfather and grandmother; two paths through which the disease gene could have traveled.

Therefore we can add up these two paths/probabilities (1st from F and 2nd from C)to get the overall probability that A and E share a disease gene: 1/16 + 1/16 = 1/8