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What is the source of energy for most ecosystems?

Radiation from the sun


What do food chains show?

They show which organisms eat other organisms


What do food chains always begin with?

They begin with green plants (producers) which provide food for other organisms (consumers)


What are the trophic levels?

Producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer, quaternary consumer and idea of top carnivore


How is energy lost at each stage in the food chain?

Because the organisms are using some of the energy they get to survive. Energy is lost from food chains/webs because the organisms need to: move.


What is bioaccumualation?

Non-biodegradable toxic materials accumulating in food chains


Who has the highest levels of bioaccumulation in their tissue?

The top carnivore


What are food chains interconnected to form?

Food chains are often interconnected to form food webs


What are predators?

Animals that naturally prey on others.


What are prey?

Animals that are hunted and killed by others for food.


How do predators and preys populations affect one another?

If the prey population in an ecosystem grows, predator numbers will respond to the increased food supply by increasing as well.