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Steps for an unplanned entry to a clan lab?

Remove persons

Isolate the site and maintain safe perimeter

Preserve crime scene

Notify duty NCO contact clan lab team

Seek advice about decontamination

Separate anyone who was inside until decontamination addressed

Seek medical advice


What is the aim during an unplanned entry to a clan lab?

To rapidly convert an unplanned entry into a planned response and investigation with appropriate structure and procedures


s20 S&S 2012 allows warrantless search of place or vehicle if?

RGTB not practicable to obtain warrant
A controlled drug in or on the place or vehicle
An offence against MODA has/is being committed
Evidence will be CADD if entry is delayed


s21 S&S 2012 allows warrantless search of people if?

Conducting a search under s20 and the person is found in or on the place or vehicle


What is an internal search?

X-ray or similar

Manuel or visual examination trough any body orifice


s124 S&S 2012 what internal searches are prohibited?

Enforcement officer must not conduct an internal search except for with consent searching the persons mouth


s38 Mental Health Act 1992

Anyone, may at anytime request assistance of a DAO


s41 MHA 1992
Police assistance

DAO may call a constable for assistance

Constable may detain the person for the shorter of;
6 hours
The time it takes to conduct the medica exam


s109 where can police take mental disorder person?

Police station, hospital, surgery or other appropriate place

To a place nominated by medical practitioner and detain until exam is concluded


When can Police close a licensed premises?


Fighting or disorder *or RGTB fighting or disorder is about to break out

Threat to public health or safety

Substantial nuisance

RGTB offence 5+ yrs committed and risk further such offences being committed


How long can you close a licensed premises for?

Until a time stated in the order which is:
Not later than 24 hours from the end of the day on which the order was made


When can Police enter a licensed premises?

*At any reasonable time enter and inspect any licensed premises

At any time ..... When RGTB an offence is being committed


s269 sale and supply of alcohol act 2012

Power of Police to demand information