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Where does a mutation have to occur in order for it to be passed on?

Before the organism starts to grow.


What is wrong with Lamarck's theory of evolution?

Your child will have two arms even if both of the child's parents get their arms cut off when they were 18


How are pesticide resistant insects formed?

The insects adapt to their environment and the insects who are already immune to the pesticide and that one insect reproduces while all of the others die.


What is cellular respiration and photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis creates oxygen and simple sugars but cellular respiration creates carbon dioxide while taking in oxygen.


What causes a species to evolve?



List evidence that supports the Theory of evolution

Whales have a pelvis but it is vestigial. This means that whales are related to land creatures.


What is homeostasis?

Maintaining a stable internal environment.


How are mutations and evolution connected?

Evolution is a species changing over time this could not happen if the species did not change this couldn't happen if some of the population were not genetically different in some ways.


Explain how humans control the levels of sugar in their blood

When you eat, enzymes come and destroy the sugars but when there isn't enough sugar that is when your body gets "hungry".


What makes a good experiment?

asking a question, making a hypothesis and only testing one variable while the other variables are controlled.


How are organelles a part of maintaining homeostasis?

They change in order to keep a stable internal environment.


How can a lizard with a small dangly thing on their neck

Its ancestors or generations before needed that in order to survive but now the lizards don't need it so it is vestigial.


How could a species evolve based on behavioral characteristics?

The population could all become extremely aggressive and fight to the death so all of the offspring would be strong and aggressive.


What are some methods to show evolutionary relationships between different organisms?

Looking at vestigial structures and also looking at the embryos of the animals.


What method of determining evolutionary relationships is the most accurate?

Looking at embryos.