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Which EC products are Progestin-Only?

Plan B OneStep and NextChoice. Approved for 72 hours after UPI, evidence indicates LNG is effective up to 120 hours after intercourse. Most effective when taken sooner


Which EC product is a progesterone agonist-antagonist?

Ella. Single 30mg tablet. Effective and approved for use up to 120 hours after UPI


What is the dose in Plan B OneStep and NextChoice One Dose?

1.5mg levonorgestrel tablet. OTC purchase. Prescription only for women under 17 (can't have prescription for men < 17


What is the dose for NextChoice and Levonorgestrel (generic)?

Two 0.75mg levonorgestrel tablets. Take 1 pill immediately and 2nd one 12 hours later. OTC. Prescription only for women under 17


How is ella dosed?

One 30mg ulipristal acetate tablet. Appears to maintain efficacy throughout the 120 hour window. Prescription required for all users


How is ParaGard (Copper-T IUD) used for EC?

Off label use. Placed within 5 days after intercourse. Effectiveness does not decline with delay


Which ECs are the most effective?

ParaGard > ella (1 in 1000) > Plan B/NextChoice (1 in 100) > Yuzpe > nothing


Which EC doesn't seem to have an increased failure rate in obese women?

Ulipristal (ella)


What are the three possible ways that ECs can work?

Inhibit or delay ovulation. Prevent sperm and egg from meeting. Prevent implantation by disrupting the uterine lining


What is the most fertile time during menstrual cycle?

At the end of follicular stage before the LH surge and ovulation


What is the clinical evidence of LNG ECPs?

Can inhibit ovulation, though not always (may be only MOA). Have no effect on the quality of cervical mucus or on the penetration of spermatozoa into the uterine cavity. Can shorten the luteal phase. Do not alter endometrium


What is the clinical evidence of Ulipristal ECPs?

Can inhibit ovulation, though not always (may be only MOA). Do not alter endometrium


What is the ECP Safety?

Breastfeeding women may use progestin-only ECPs and IUDs. Short duration of exposure and low total hormone content of ECPs. Safer than pregnancy. No increased risk of birth defects. No increased risk of ectopic pregnancy


What are the possible side effects of ECPs?

N/V. Abdominal pain. Breast tenderness. HA. Dizziness. Fatigue. Short-term cycle changes


In the new 2012 protocol, if intercourse was more than 72 hours ago, which EC may be more effective?

ella (Ulipristal) may be more effective than levonorgestrel


Which EC can be taken with or without food?



How long should back-up contraception be used after ella and LNG?

ella: rest of cycle. LNG: for 7 days


Which EC can be used while breast feeding?



If vomiting occurs with EC, when should repeat dose be taken?

ella: repeat if within 3 hours. LNG: repeat dose less than 1-2 hours