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What is a cinder cone?

small 1500 feet, usually a one-time eruption, can be associated with other cones in the area (cinder cone field)


What are cinder cones composed of?

Pyroclasts (cinders) usually no associated lava flow


what are examples of cinder cones?

Sierras Nevada's (Eastern Sierras), Road to Vegas, HWY. 295


What are shield volcanos?

Gentle eruption, broader, not tall, round, over 100 miles, -30000 feet in the ocean.


Shield volcanos usually occur where and what's an example of some?

Usually occurs on the ocean floor and in Hawaii


What are strato volcanos otherwise known as composite volcanos?

Volcanos known to have violent and explosive eruptions and are steep sided and tall volcanoes.


What are strato volcanos composed of?

Composed of alternating layers of volcanic ask deposits and lava flow.


What are examples of strato volcanos?

Andes, Cascades > Mt. Shasta, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Crater Lake.


What are Rhyolite Plug Domes?

Usually a one-time eruption and a 2-stage process


What are the two stages of a Rhyolite Plug Dome?

1st stage: cinder cone made of pumice which is the gases mixed with rhyolite and silica. The build-up causes the 2nd stage: plug of obsidian which is volcanic glass that covers the top of the volcano cause a dome to form.


What's a mono crater and an example of one?

A rhyolite plug dome field; the smallest one if called a panum crater