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Where is Breckland?



Name one of the driest places in England



What is the land like in Breckland?

It is a gorse-covered sandy heath


How many people live in Breckland?

130,000 (2011)


What does 'Breck' mean?

It means a heathland that is broken up for cultivation


What is Grimes Grave used for?

It is an area mined for flint


Name 5 factors that have caused the character of the Breckland area to change over the last 100 year

1) The planting of the Thetford Forest
2) Modern farming technology
3) the Tourism industry
4) Military training grounds
5) Expansion of small settlements


When was the planting of the Thetford Forest?

the largest lowland pine forest in England was created after the end of WW1 in 1918


Why was the Thetford Forest created?

To provide a strategic reserve of timber


How did modern farming technology help Breckland?

It made the infertile land more agriculturally productive


Why were tourists keen to visit Breckland?

Because of the physical landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage


What type of tourists were visiting Breckland?

Day-trippers and weekend visitors


What increased the growth of Breckland's population?

The expansion of Breckland's network of small settlements increased the growth of the population


What are main settlement nodes?

The five market towns of: Attleborough, Dereham, Swaffham, Thetford and Watton


What 4 factors make Breckland an attractive place to live?

The low population density and sense of openness, the rich archaeological heritage, the large nature conservation areas and the relatively low cost of housing


How are working adults affected by poverty and deprivation in Breckland?

Working adults who lack the means to commute can't take advantage of better job opportunities in Norwich and Ipswich


How are manual workers affected by deprivation?

They are low-paid as they typically work in agriculture and tourism and have low wages


Name 6 external stakeholders in the Breckland

English Tourist Board, English Heritage, Norfolk County Council, Ministry of Defence, Natural England and Defra


What 3 areas do the English Tourist Board want to improve?

1) Keen to market existing brands of tourist further afield
2) Update tourist infrastructure
3) Improve visitor experience


How do English Heritage want to improve the area?

They want to conserve and promote interest in the rich archaeological heritage and they want to look for new historical attractions


What do the Ministry of Defence want to do to help Breckland?

Retain Stanford training area and reduce the noise and disturbance of troop manoeuvres and aircraft


What 3 areas do Natural England want to focus on in the Breckland?

Rich biodiversity to be protected, promote interest in areas's wildlife and encourage volunteering


What 3 things are Norfolk County Council going to prioritise?

The reduction of deprivation, the build of more affordable housing and the protection of social services


What 3 areas are Defra targeting in the Breckland?

The need to sustain viability of agriculture, rural poverty and encouraging rural diversification