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Describe two limitations of interactive television.

One for identifying a limitation, second for description eg

 needs large bandwidth (1) to fully support all features (1)
 true interactivity is limited (1) available facilities allow more
interaction on the same line (1). [4] One mark for point (max 3), one for expansion (max 5)
contribution than interaction (1)
 end user may not have the required hardware (1) wasted time
by company producing features that are not seen (1)
 TV seen as passive entertainment (1) viewers may resent
attempts to encourage them to interact more (1)
 faults on the telecommunications network (1) stops any interaction on the same line (1)


Describe the services available to the individual that are offered by digital television networks.

Descriptions of services may include e.g
Range of TV channels

pay per view
 payment
 preference selection
 viewing time.

 charging
 votes not being counted.

game show participation
 viewer participation
 incorrect answers and progression.

camera angles
 viewers’ choice
 action missed
 replay choice.