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• D to d’ singing tessitura
o Sings with increased resonance
o Some may experience voice change
• Develop a repertoire of folk/seasonal/multicultural/patriotic songs
o Performs canons, rounds, descants, countermelodies
• Experience BAGEDC' on soprano recorder
• Demonstrate question and answer on the recorder (GM/em pentatonic)
• Experience countermelody
• Identify ti
o Identify ti scale tones
o Identify ti hand signs
• Identify ledger lines
• Experience scale
• Label sharp/flat
• Can identify steps, leaps and repeated tones
• Recognizes a melodic sequence



• Proper mallet technique
o Demonstrate simple level bordun
o Demonstrate moving bordun
o Two mallet striking together
• Experience I-V
• Add accompaniment to song
o Guitar, ukulele, autoharp
• Can respond to two distinctive features of the music through simultaneous movement
o Stepping to the rhythm and conducting the pulse
• Can perform rhythmic canons by moving to music that previously sounded (four beats earlier) while listening to other music



• Identify eighth-quarter-eighth syncopation
• Demonstrate question and answer
o Body percussion, unpitched instruments, barred instruments, recorder
• Label eighth rest
• Experience accelerando/ritardando
• Label pick-up (anacrusis)
• Visualize 6/8
• Demonstrate conducting in 3, cut time and compound meters (9/8, 12/8)
• Identify triplet



• Experience rondo
• Identify A1
• Label D.C. al Fine
• Experience additive form
• Experience 12-bar blues



• Identify recorder family
• Develops dual coordination of breathing and fingers to play wind and brass instruments
• Identify orchestral woodwind family
• Identify orchestral brass family
• Identify pianissimo/fortissimo