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Calvin Cycle
(Dark Reactions)
- location
- 3 stages

Occurs in stroma

3 Stages:
1. Carbon fixation
2. Reduction Reactions
3. RuBP Regeneration


1. Carbon Fixation

Three CO​2​ are used to convert three RuBP (a 5-carbon molecule) into three 6-carbon molecules

Enzyme RuBisCo catalyzes the reaction

Three 6-carbon molecules immediately break down with water and form six 3-PGA


2. Reduction Reactions

The six 3-PGA are phosphorylated by six ATP (from light reactions) to make six 1,3-PGA

The six 1,3-PGA are reduced by six NADPH (from light reactions) to make six G3P

One of the G3P will be used to form glucose

The other five G3P will move on to the final stage


3. RuBP Regeneration

Five G3P will be phosphorylated by three ATP and two H​2O​ to make three RuBP so that the cycle may continue


RuBisCo enzyme

Enzyme which fixes carbon from air
(Starts the whole process by bringing RuBP and CO2 together)