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what is the definition of high rise

A building containing floor at such a height or position that external firefighting and rescue operations may not be feasible


What are the hazards associated with the building height (14)

-Vertical travel distance
-Falling objects
-Access delay due to security
-Complex layouts
-Maisonette access internal stairs
-Communication blind spots
-Risk intermediate floor collapse
-Firefighter fall, failure external walls
-Risk of entanglement
-Fixed installations vandalised
-Total flooding system, result in oxygen deficient atmosphere
-Timber frame construction
-High rise under construction,firefighter facilities not operational fire fighter shafts
-Telecommunication antenas


Hazards associated with fire behaviors (11)

-Fire spread upwards, downwards and horizontally
-Concealed smoke or heat travel
-Air currents, smoke drawn downwards
-Wind speed, rapid fire growth
-Burning material falling on to lower floors
-Poor house keeping
-Undivided stairways
-Open door in flat create chimney style effect
-Fires may be on one or more floors
-Some building have few openings
--Uncontrolled ventilation


Hazards associated with firefighting and rescue (17)

-Refurbished/ changed premises leads to insufficient resources being mobilised
-Unexpected fire growth or unavailable fixed instalations
-Evacuation affects operation, type of evacuation, number and type of people
-Buildings evacuation policy or stay put. People not know building policy
-Evacuation divert teams away from brief
-Size/layout confusing, finding location of fire
-Insufficient water supply at height
-Intense work rate increase body temperature
-Hose slip and trip on stairs
-Removal of casualties manual handling injury
-Verbal/physical attack
-Drug manufacture
-Firefighting operation breach firefighting lobby allow smoke to spread
-Firefighter lift failure
-Moral pressure to act immediately


Over what height should a dry riser be installed



Over what height should a wet riser be installed

60 meters after 2005 50 meters


At what height should a firefighting shaft be installed

7.5 meters


What are 10 steps of command and control at high rise incident

-IC remain at ground floor or fire control room
-Gather information (building occupancy, evacuation plan and layout)
-Identify floor(s) incident located, setup bridgehead
-Ensure initial team equipment to setup bridgehead
-Location/status fixed installations
-Secure water supply at bridgehead
-Establish cordon protect from falling material
-Determine Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems
-Implement communication with bridgehead, pump operator and sectors


What is the capacity of a DRM in liters per min? What should be done if over run supply

DRM can deliver at least 1500 liters of water per minute. Exceeds supply haul hose aloft or aerial appliance.


What is the capacity of WRM in liters per min, and for how long

Wet rising mains supply 1500 liters per minute for 45 minutes as a minimum.


What should the IC do if fixed installations are vandalised

IC should implement alternative tactics and/or requesting additional resources. The F.I.R.E tool roll contains a riser outlet wheel, adjustable spanner, mole grips and rubber hose washer which may assist in the use of outlets in disrepair.


where should the firefighter lift remain at incident

Lift should remain bridgehead. Rescue person brought to ground floor.


Where should the bridge head be located

Bridgehead should be located two floors below the fire floor. The bridgehead should be established in a firefighting lobby and not in a corridor.


Minimum roll fire sector commander



Minimum number of personnel to setup a bridgehead

Fire sector commander + three firefighters (2 BA wearers and a ECO)


What equipment should be taken to the bridgehead

• Two lengths of 45mm hose with carrying straps
• Immediate Emergency Care (IEC) pack
• Two BA sets
• Long Line
• Breaking in Gear
• One BA Board
• Thermal Imaging Camera
• One F.I.R.E bag containing:
− One controlled dividing breeching
− Three Hose Identifying Sleeve
− One DeltaFire Quickattack branch
− One Set of lift access keys
− One F.I.R.E tool roll


When there is vertical/downward fire spread and the Bridgehead require re-positioning, what are considerations (7)

(a) The IC, all officers and BA teams must be informed.
(b) All BA teams must ensure they monitor their air supply.
(c) Increase the travel distance for BA teams, immediate withdrawal of BA teams.
(d) Emergency team must be made available as soon as practicable.
(e) All information and resources transferred to the new bridgehead location.
(f) Consider implementing Stage 2 BA procedures.
(g) Life saving operations are delayed, the IC should consider alternative methods of effecting rescue.


What are the requirement for “From …………… at …………; high-rise procedure implemented, tactical mode Oscar”.

(a) the location of the bridgehead has been risk assessed as appropriate for the incident,
(b) access and egress to and from the bridgehead is secured and maintained,
(c) the bridgehead is established with two charged jets deployed