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What is the difference between realised and unrealised strategy? When might you get unrealised strategy?


Realised – the strategy that is followed, whether or not it was intended
Unrealised – a planned strategy that is not followed. This may occur because it couldn’t be implemented which could be due to stakeholder resistance, incorrect underlying assumptions or changes in circumstances made the plan irrelevant or unworkable.


What key tools and techniques might you use to help review your organisations corporate and business strategies?

  • What are the organisations vision and mission statements?
  • What quantifiable business objectives exist?
  • What are the planned sources of competitive advantage?
  • What external factors should be taken into account (STEEPLE)
  • What type of strategic change is planned and how successful has it been? Is there any strategic drift?
  • What is the cultural context in which this happens? Consider the cultural web.
  • What resources are available?
  • Where and how can the supply chain function help?