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What was the prior periodic table like?

- Only 60 known elements
- Arranged in order of atomic mass
- No knowledge of subatomic particles
- Elements were swapped in places where their properties didn't match their groups
- Gaps were left in the periodic table for predicted and undiscovered elements


How are elements arranged in the modern day periodic table?

- Elements from L to R, arranged in order of increasing atomic number (each successive member with 1 extra proton)
- Groups (18) are vertical columns - each element in a group has the same number of electrons in its outer shell
- Periods (7) are horizontal rows - each element in a period has the same number of the higher energy electron shell


Define periodicity.

Repeating trend in properties across elements in the period.


Where are the s, p and d blocks situated in the periodic table?

s block - groups 1 & 2
d block - groups 3-12
p block - groups 13-18
f block - bottom