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Every model is made up of what 3 elements?

Faces or Polygons



When the vertical edges flow into the top and bottom into a single point


When bending a bone in 3DSM what view mode should it be set to?



In areas of the object where there will be a lot of motion how should it be designed and why?

Approaching the area where there will be lots of motion. Edges should be closer and closer together.

When animation is applied, these bendable motion area start to stretch. If all these edges weren't there, there wouldn't be a smooth looking bend when animation is applied.


Even though the use of triangle and ngons are usually good to stay away from and is dependent on your workflow, project, polygon budget, affordability to fix these issues, and needs as an artist...why are triangles and ngons recommend as wire frames to gear away from?

Triangles: don't cause too much harm but try to hide them away in a less conspicuous location on your model, on area that won't be deformed too much.

Ngons: cause severe distortion to the surface of the model


What is the best practices in creating a seamless texture on a sphere that will later be turned into an object like a rock, stone, or pebble?

- Create a box
- Smooth it into a sphere using the modifier Turbosmooth

This type of sphere is perfect for sculpting applications like Mudbox or Zbrush because there's a clean, even layout of polygons, so they are all roughly the same size.


A cylinder automatically generates the top and bottom to have a ngon face. How would you correct this?

Creating an edge down the middle then creating edges on parallel vertices to the middle edge.


True or False

Not every object is made of triangles.


Everything is made out of triangles, even quads.


Under what settings can you view every triangle of an object?

Select view edge mode
Edit poly

Here you are able to change the orientation of the triangle.


Why is it important to pay attention to the invisible triangles?

It ensures that if the model were to be exported, put into a game engine, or if it was being tessellated (meaning covering a surface with a singular repeated shape), then the triangle and the edge flow would be the way that the artist wanted.


It's most important to include quads. Sometimes it's inevitable to have some triangles within the mesh.

Where should triangles be placed?

What is the workflow for this process?

Edit the mesh to minimize the amount of polygons to push the triangles to the areas where it won't be visible.

Workflow in editing:
Right-click the model - Select Cut - Create new Vertices and Select Connect (Under Edit Vertices) Delete unnecessary Vertices


At what point in the Workflow should you think about Topology?

Thinking about it while creating the concept, it should be one of the first things you think about while considering what you want to make, and how you will create the model.

Build the model with the correct layout of polys on a blank surface before any texture is applied. This will benefit the workflow more efficiently. It prevents you from having to go back and redo things such as unwrapping and texturing.


What are the 6 high level steps in attaching a low poly to a high poly in an organic shape like a tree?

1 Remove the polygons on the high poly where the low poly will meet

2 Reduce the polys on the high mesh (by welding area where it connects into triangles)

3 Turn triangles to kites

4 Smooth using Soft Selection

5 Smooth using Polygon: Smoothing Groups

6 Apply the material


What is an interchangeable word for a pole?



True or False

When using the Turn application, it allows the ability to flip all edges.


Only the invisible edges have the capability to flip with the Turn tool.