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What is the drug therapy for nicotine

nicotine replacement therapy.

Example skin patches, chewing gum, tablets.

eg Dosage reduced overtime by smaller patches

nicotine replacement therapy gives the user a clean controlled dose of nicotine which binds to nicotine ACh pathway that stimulate in the release of dopamine


What is the other therapy for nicotine

Hypnotherapy: relax the client make them open to suggestion.

Level of consciousness altered so there is full concentration on the therapists work.

Idea is implanted into unconscious to influence the persons behaviour and the idea that they no longer want to smoke


What is the aversion therapy for nicotine

unethical but make the person smoke many packs at once in a closed room which makes them sick


Evaluate the treatments for nicotine

Lindsay et al 2008 Found that all forms of nicotine replacement therapy was significantly more effective than placebo or no treatment and this shows that drugs are effective.

Also research has shown that hypnotherapy is three times more effective than aversion therapy and supports self belief and his cost-effective for some people don’t like the idea of being hypnotised


What is the drug therapy for alcohol

naltrexone is a selective alcohol antagonist.

The neurochemical blocking action means that someone who drinks alcohol will not experience the usual pleasurable sensations.

This gives them a valuable breathing space to think about their behaviour and avoid a full relapse during which they might stop taking naltrexone and it is taken as a shot or a pill


What is the other therapy for alcohol

Cognitive behavioural therapy which can be used for any of the drugs.

It is a talking therapy to help solve problems and helps to identify unhelpful and unrealistic thoughts and beliefs. It discusses why people drink and once identified they encourage to change from sample by finding other ways to relax


What is the aversion therapy for alcohol


All addictions can be treated using an emetic drug one that causes vomiting. This process uses the principle of classical conditioning to decondition a drug addiction, as vomiting is an adverse stimulus as almost immediately causes vomiting after ingestion.

Disulphiram interferes with the process of metabolising Alcohol and breaks down alcohol is a harmful chemicals and causes an expulsive action; vomiting


Evaluate alcohol drug treatments

raymand anton et al 2006 Showed that naltrexone helped alcoholics drink less and go longer before binging control participants.

Ralph Elkins 1991 found positive outcomes for emetic aversion therapy, so covert sensation is effective for alcohol anonymous. But there is evidence that it is ineffective.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is effective in reducing been drinking and helps people to refuse alcohol in harvest situations by providing skills


What is the drug therapy for heroin

detoxification: reduce heroin in a controlled manner, supervise withdrawal and emphasis on physical effects

methadone: A heroin alternative that is controlled by medical professionals and is taken in a controlled manner and is not contaminated like straight heroin as you don’t inject and it’s taken orally


What is the other therapy for heroin

can use cognitive behavioural therapy


What is the aversion therapy for heroin

trying to get the addict to associate heroin taking with unpleasant memories and experiences: cover sensitisation.

The more graphic and disgusting the better


Evaluate the drug treatments for heroin

Detoxification is not a structured therapeutic approach during the acute withdraw faye’s and the aversion therapy there are ethical issues and short-term effective but relapse rate high

methadone is a very slow process and the person will need to engage for a long time and this may not be sustained.

It also doesn’t address the reason why they took the drug in the first place and it can leave a person vulnerable to starting again. But it is much safer more successful in stopping heroin and there is no risk of HIV due to the oral delivery but there is presenter abuse though if you do it yourself