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Is that my little skylark Twittering out there?

Torvalds Pet names -
'little' asserts dominance
'My' indicates his possession of her.
Fathering her
Bird - represents her being in a cage.


My little featherbrain.

Patronises her.
Indicates traditional gender roles of women not being on the same intellectual level as men and only useful around the house.


Goes over to the stove

Submissive, complies with her role in the house, under her husbands power


Plays with his waistcoat buttons

Flirtation - uses her womanly charm to manipulate and deceive her husband


Lies about macarons

First indication of her ability to deceive and that she longs for her own freedom


Didn't little sweet tooth just look in at the confectioner's

Fathering her
Lack of trust
Expects obedience - possession
Treats her like a child.


I wouldn't do anything that you don't like

Under the power of her husband - controlled by him


You did your best to please us

The woman's role in the family to nurture and entertain everyone. First connection with the dolls house metaphor as she is considered almost a form of entertainment


You're only a baby Nora

Indicates her innocence of her situation.
Materialistic and apparently content under her husband


Pooh where would be the glory in that

Indicates a desire for independence and ability to do things herself


He'd be terribly hurt and humiliated if he felt he ever owed anything to me

Men are meant to be in control of women


It's almost like being a man

Desire to escape her constricting life


Christmas tree - fresh and decorated in the beginning, stripped, disheveled and burnt out in middle.

Reflects Nora before her deception is exposed and before she begins to understand her lack of freedom, and after she had been exposed and began to panic and realise her situation. Reflects her feelings of confusion and fear of what will become of her


Torvalds so incredibly fond of me he wants to keep me all to himself

Convinces herself of Torvalds love for her


How could you be so clumsy dr rank, when everything was going so well

After rank declares his love for her she realises that she doesn't love Torvald but finds it easy to love him because he provides her with stability and identity. Women are nothing without a man, convenient to be with Torvald


Your husband can't love you very much, can he? He knows I can expose you.

Krogstad makes Nora realise that she is wilfully ignorant of her situation


But Nora darling you are dancing as if your life depended on it.

She had to be perfect and entertaining to survive
Torvald is all about appearances


My arm round my lovely little Capri girl

She is a trophy


All this beauty that belongs to no one but me



There's something undeniably sweet and satisfying for a man knowing deep down he had forgiven his wife

Making himself the hero


You never loved me, you only found it pleasant to be in love with me



But our home has just been a play room I've been you doll wife here just as at home I was papas doll child and the children had been my dolls in turn I liked it when you played with me just as they liked it when I came and played with them that's what our marriage has been

She was controlled by all the men in her life and has been nothing more than a trophy or entertainment


You and papa have committed a Grievous sin against me, it's your fault I made nothing of my life.

Was prevented from living due to the patriarchy


I believe that before anything else I am a human being. Just as much as you are

Door slamming at end


When Torvald isn't as fond of me as he is now - when all my dancing and dressing up don't amuse him any longer

Beginning to awaken and realise that she is only seen as a commodity or entertainment



Unconsciously represents Nora's desire for independence as she insists on eating them despite her husband explicitly telling her not to.