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What are campaigns likely to do?

Raise awareness of particular issues


How do campaigns raise awareness?

Present a petition to an MP asking them to propose a change in policy in Parliament
Raise awareness for a crime so more report it
Argue some info that has been made public about criminals to protect the public


What is an example in the UK of a campaign for a change in the law?

Sarah's law - allows anyone to formally ask police if someone with access to a child has a record for child sex offences in response to Sarah's abduction and murder in July 2000, England
News of the World backed this campaign fronted by her parents


What law is similar to Sarah's law in the US?

Megans law - know the location and names of registered sex offenders on a list


What are pressure groups?

Organisations which campaign for changes in the law or new legislation in specific areas


What is the snowdrop campaign?

In response to the Dunblane Massacre in Scotland 1996


Who is the snowdrop campaign made up of?

Friends and bereaved families of those killed/injured


What was the snowdrop campaign campaigning for?

Total ban of private hand guns in the UK


Was the snowdrop campaign successful?

Yes, 50,000 signatures on petition in 6 weeks and Labour in 1996 introduced Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 banning private ownership of handguns