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What are H+ ions responsible for?

H+ ions in aqueous solution are responsible for acidic properties.


How do acids behave?

Acids only behave as acids when ionized in water. Acid molecules dissociate to form H+ ions.


What happens to hydrochloride gas when they are dissolved in organic solvents?

Hydrogen chloride gas exists as molecules and the H+ ions will not dissociate and thus the solution is not reactive.


State two properties of acids.

They have a sour taste and turns damp blue litmus red.


Is dry hydrochloride gas acidic?

No. It exists as a vapor, and the HCl molecule is not ionized to give out H+ ions which are responsible for the acidic properties.


How do we make HCl gas acidic and why?

Dissolve it in water as the aqueous solution of HCl contains H+ ions.


What is the difference between strong and weak acids?

Strong acids dissociate completely in water to produce high concentration of h+ ions, while weak acids dissociates partially in water to produce low concentration of H+ ions.


Define bases.

A base is a metal oxide or hydroxide that reacts with an acid to produce salt and water only. They are usually insoluble in water.


What happens when a bad is able to dissolve in water?

It will form an alkali.


Define alkali.

An alkali is a soluble base.


State the 6 properties of alkalis.

1) turns damp red litmus blue.
2) soapy feel
3) they have a bitter taste.
4) corrosive
5) conduct electricity.
6) neutralization reaction (react with acid to produce salt and water)


What is produced when a base reacts with acid?

Salt and water.


What is produced when a base reacts with ammonium salts?

Salt, water, ammonia gas


define pH.

Measure how alkaline or acidic an aqueous solution is and normally ranges from 0-14.


How is a pH of a solution determined?

Universal indicator or pH meter.


What is a universal indicater?

A mixture of dyes and it shows a different color at a different pH.


State Two ways to neutralize the soil.

Add Ca(OH)2 (slaked lime) or CaO. (Quicklime)


Define acids.

An acid is a substance that dissociates in water to produce H+ ions.