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What does the repetition of "double double, toil and trouble" by the witches show

The spell reminds the audience of their evil intentions. The double also hints at how everything has two sides, fair and foul


Analysis of act one

The witches are casting a spell, the addition of all the body parts sets a dark tone and makes the scene more frightening. They describe Macbeths appearance as "something wicked this way comes" which shows how evil he has become, no longer the hero he was. The witches also trick him into thinking he is in control of them "speak/demand/ well answer" this makes hi, ask for the apparitions which makes him more ambitions. Witches know this is his weakness


How does Macbeth behave with the witches

He is very confident, he uses imperatives such as "tell me" and "call 'em". He also threatens them with "an eternal curse" if they don't answer him, he's not afraid of them


What do the three apparitions predict and analysis of each

An armoured head warns Macbeth about Macduff, beware of him. The armoured head could represent macbeths décapitation by Macduff.
A bloody child tells Macbeth that no one woman born will harm him. The bloody child could represent the birth of Macduff through Caesarean section
A child wearing a crown and holding a branch says Macbeth won't die until birnam wood moves to dunsinane castle. The child could be Malcolm, the rightful heir and the branch could represent the hope of Scotland re growing under Malcolm's reign


How do the apparitions affect Macbeth

They make him confident and feel invincible as he thinks every man is woman born.


What do the witches show Macbeth about Banquo and what does it suggest

It shows a long line of banquos family, they're holding orbs as well as sceptres which shows they rule over England and Scotland. This play was written under king James who ruled over Scotland and England


Why does Macbeth kill Macduff family

He has become so paranoid he will kill anyone related to a threat, even if they aren't a threat themselves


Scene 2 analysis

Lady Macduff is scared and angry because Macduff left her to look after the castle and protect their children
Her fear shows how scared people have become under Macbeths reign, "to do harm, is often laudable" this shows how the morals of the government in Scotland have been turned up side down
Ladymacduff and her son talk with witty dialogue, it shows the maternal bond they have, a contrast between lady Macbeth dashing the brains out of her child
The murder stabs son on stage, shows Macbeth doesn't care who sees people being killed, "fry" and "egg" also show how young he was, Macbeth will have children killed, but too scared to do it along


How does Malcolm test Macduff loyalty

He pretends to be a worse person than Macbeth saying he would be a worse king. Macduff says he would rather support Scotland rather than another tyrant, this shows Macduff is loyal to Scotland, so he passes Macduff test.


How does Malcolm show he may be a better king than Duncan was

His test on Macduff shows he doesn't blindly trust the thanes, he is more cautious so he may be a better king as only those who can be trusted will have power. Malcolm also says he's honest, greatful and god fearing, all good qualities of a king, the opposite of the tyranny caused by Macbeth.


How is king Edward of England described

He is described as "a heavenly gift of prophecy", he has godly powers and uses them to help people, he's unselfish and kind, unlike the Scottish king Macbeth. Macbeth doesn't have these traits as he wasn't placed on the throne by god like Edward was


What is the significance of the murder of Macduff family

Rosse is reluctant to tell Macduff which creates more drama
Macduff is filled with grief using words such as "all my pretty chickens" and "all my pretty ones" this shows he loved his family and is devastated by their deaths. This also makes Macduff want to avenge the deaths of his family and makes him determined to end Macbeth and his cruel reign.


How does Macduff make Malcolm a better king

Malcolm thinks masculinity is related to aggression like Macbeth, he tells Macduff to "dispute it like a man". Macduff says instead he should "feel it as a man"- he believes men are also sensitive, this way Macduff teaches Malcolm to be a good man and a good king