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Adverse drug reaction

Any noxious, unintended, and undesired effect that occurs at normal drug doses; excludes excessive dosages. Can range from annoying to life-threatening


Problems with ADRs

Mild reactions: drowsiness, nausea, itching, and rash; Severe reactions (potentially fatal): respiratory depression, neutropenia, hepatocellular injury, hemorrhage
-Most common in the elderly and very young; risk increased by severe illness


Terms related to adverse drug reactions

Side effect, toxicity, allergic reaction, idiosyncratic effect, iatrogenic disease, physical dependence, carcinogenic effect, teratogenic effect


Side effect

A nearly unavoidable secondary drug effect produced at therapeutic doses; may develop soon after drug is initiated or not until drug has been taken for weeks or months



Adverse drug reaction caused by excessive dosing; may occur even with normal dosing


Allergic reaction

Immune response; determined primarily by the degree of sensitization of the immune system, not by drug dose. Pt's sensitivity to a drug can change over time


Idiosyncratic effect

Uncommon drug response resulting from a genetic predisposition


Iatrogenic disease

"A disease produced by a physician"; used to refer to a disease produced by drugs; sometimes also called drug-induced disease. Essentially identical to naturally occurring pathology


Physical dependence

Develops during long-term use of certain drugs; a state in which the body has adapted to drug exposure in such a way that an abstinence syndrome will result if drug use is discontinued


Carcinogenic effect

Only a few therapeutic agents are carcinogenic; several drugs used to treat cancer are among those with the greatest carcinogenic potential


Teratogenic effect

Drug-induced birth defect


Organ specific toxicity

Drugs toxic to specific organs (ie. amphotericin B - kidneys)


Boxed Warnings

Black box warnings; strongest safety warning a drug can carry and still remain on the market. Concise summary of the adverse effects of concern, text is presented inside a box with a heavy black border