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Is it true to say that humans evolved from African apes?

No, it's not. The two groups evolved from a common ancestor.


What are the anatomical similarities between Apes and humans?

- lack external nails
- hands with opposable thumbs
- have fingers and toes with flat nails
- eyes that face forward
- molar and premolars teeth with low and rounded cusps.


What are their are their anatomical differences?

- skeletal differences
- skull differences
- brain differences


What is the main skeletal difference?

Habitual bipedalism in humans


What are the skeletal differences between apes and humans

- arms longer than legs
- fingers and toes long and curved
- big toes, divergent
-hip ones large

- arms shorter and weaker than legs
- fingers and toes short and straight
- thumbs grasp easily
- shorter, broader pelvis
- longer femurs
- spine curvature, two major curves > thoracic and lumbar


How are human brains different from apes?

Humans have much a larger brain, especially cerebral cortex


What unique qualities is brain responsible for?

- tool making
- use and control fire
- use highly developed language


What are the skull differences?

- Humans don't have pronounced brow ridges
- Foramen magnum found centrally under skull in humans,apes at rear end of skull
- humans have large brain case, small jaws, nearly vertical face & chin
- canine of teeth of humans are relatively small, apes large and pointed


What similarities tell us that humans closely resemble African apes?

Physical and genetic similarities.