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Apse mosaic of Justinian and Archbishop Maximianus, San Vitale, Ravenna, ca. 547

  • Justinian, Early Byzantine Art


Plan and cutaway view of Hagia Sophia, Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey, 532-537

  • Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus, Early Byzantine Art 


The Barberini Ivory, showing "Justinian as world conquerer,' ca. 550

  • Justinian, Early Byzantine Art 


Icon showing the Virgin and Child between Saints Theodore and George, ca. 600, Monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

  • Early Byzantine Art
  • encaustic on wood


The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, 687-692. 

  • Patron: the caliph Abd al-Malik


The frieze of the Umayyad palace at Mshatta, Jordan, ca. 740-750

  • Early Islamic Art
  • limestone


Malwiya Minaret, part of the Great Mosque at Samarra, Iraq, 848-852

  • Abbasid caliph al Mutawakkil, Early Islamic Art 
  • sandstone


The Great Mosque at Cordoba, Spain, built and restored 784-976

  • Abd al-Rahman I, caliph al-Hakam II, Early Islamic Art 


Koran page with the beginning of surah 18 (The Cave), ca. 900.

  • Early Islamic Art
  • ink and gold on vellum