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What are the differences between Airbus' and Boeing's Market Forecasts from the year 2000?

Airbus: demand for new aircrafts seating >500 people is increasing: Strategy to extend capacity of planes instead of number of flights
Boeing: Demand for smaller regional planes instead of larger (international) planes (Demand for “very large” airplanes is small)


Name opportunities and risk regarding the uncertainty in long-term demand?

Opportunities: Gain market strength, high return in case of expected market growth
Risks: Market shifts (no usage, new technologies), costs will exceed project budgets → you cannot predict the future


Name the three key features in PF and connect them to the A380 project.

Cash Flows: Airlines had to make upfront payments, repayments of debt are based on the projects’ success (CF-related lending)
Off-Balance: Airbus didn’t use a SPV to take the project off balance
Risk Sharing: Shifted their risks to the main vendors, used governmental launch aid


Name governmental benefits when supporting this project.

- Intelligent, sustainable and integrative growth of the EU
- Increasing employment rate
- Investments in R&D
- More efficient energy usage


What are typical large project economics?

- Land and site development
- Plant and machinery
- Up-front investments
- Contingencies


SWOT- Strength

Strength: Competitiveness (product to compete with the Boeing 747), revolution for the entire airlines industry which in ling run generate higher demand


SWOT- Opportunities

Opportunities: expanding to new countries, engaging technically sound and advanced systems to enhance effective operation


SWOT- Threats

Threats: uncertainty of demand, danger of competitive plane build by Boeing


SWOT- Weaknesses

Weaknesses: Extremely high costs including up-front payment, complexity of the entire project is extremely high, airports need adjustments (size of A380)


Did the A380 project fail?

- Without A380 not able to compete with Boing
- Project itself failed partly regarding cost and time frame → delay caused massive problems