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A quote that highlights the poor hygiene and prevalence of disease on the front line

"the soldier is on much friendlier terms than other men with his stomach and intestines"


Two quotes that shows Kantorek encouraged the men to volunteer for the army for the sake of patriotic duty

"in a way that cost them nothing"
"Won't you join up lads?"


A quote that highlights the pity we feel for Kemmerich's poor physical state after the amputation - boots

"even if he should get better, he would only be able to use one"


A quote that shows how much the men have changed and matured since joining the army

"Youth? That is long ago. We are old folk"


A quote that shows the comrades have nothing worth living for

"We only know that in some strange and melancholy way we have become a wasteland"


A quote that shows Himmelstoss' harsh regimentation

"I had to constantly fight with Himmelstoss"


A quote that shows the medical staff have been worked to the point they have lost all compassion

"16 men have already died today"
"Doctors have been operating all day long"


A quote that is poignant during Franz Kemmerich's death

This is Franz Kemmerich, nineteen and a half years old, he does not want to die. Let him not die!"


A quote from the preface that links to the theme of death - handy for conclusiom

"For death is not an adventure to those who stand face to face with it"


A quote that shows Katczinsky's resourcefullness

"he would have gathered a supper of dates and wine"


A quote that shows Kropp's attitude on the best way to fight a war

"the wrong people do the fighting"


A quote that shows the abuse of power in the military

"power is the currency of the military


Quote that sums up the motives for beating up Himmelstoss

"Revenge is like black pudding"


A quote that sums up the savage way the soldiers have started to behave

"human animals"


A quote that describes the way the panicking young soldier approaches Paul

"Like a child creeps under my arm"


A quote that shows Detering's dismay at the suffering of the horses

"it is the martyed creation, wild with anguish, filled with terror and groaning"


A quote from during the bombardment where grotesque description of a wounded soldier is given

"It is one mass of mincemeat and bone splinters"


A quote that shows the sheer scale of lives lost based on the number of surviving class mates

"out of twenty, seven are dead, four are wounded, one in a mad house"


A quote that shows the soldiers' realisation that the stacked coffins are indeed for them

"The coffins are really for us"


A quote that shows the young recruit starting to lose his mind

"He butts his head against the wall like a goat"


A quote that shows the new recruits are inexperienced

"sent into the field with only a theoretical knowledge"


A quote that shows the immaturity of the recruits

"no uniform was ever made to these childish measurements"


A quote that shows the soldier's lack of aspirations

"a man dreams of a miracle and wakes up to loaves of bread"