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Stealing Someone's Thunder

Playwright sound effect of rattling a sheet of tin to mimic under widely copied

To take credit for the idea of another or to lessen the effect of another's idea by suggesting the same idea first


Witch Hunt

1682 in Salem Massachusetts hysteria flimsy evidence

A campaign against a particular group of people often those holding unorthodox opinions or behaving in a unconventional manner


To throw down the gauntlet

Knighthood and chivalry Challenge another knight to a duel heavy glove

Issuing a challenge especially issuing a challenge in dramatic manner



Greek mythology nine goddesses the aris inspiration to mortals epic

Someone source of inspiration especially in article creative endeavors



Franz Kafka surreal anxiety producing the metamorphosis

Refers to a situation or experience it as is surreal or anxiety producing


Tower of that babel or babel

Book of Genesis tower that would reach heaven itself different languages could not understand each other

Can refer to any noisy confusion this confusion could be made by the use of different languages



Character inchildren stories play the glad game. Find something to be glad about in any situation

To someone who is unusually optimistic and always looking at the bright side excessively cheerful naïve


Pavlov's dog

Conditioned response rang bell were presenting food to automatically began to salivate condition to associate

Refers to someone who automatically or instinctively response to Or obeys a signal. Automatic unthinking response



Nickname hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem mental hospital
Widely chaotic or extreme noisy


Handwriting on the wall

Book of Daniel human hand appeared translated the writing Reign was over
Refers to an indication that doom or misfortune is coming


Albatross around one neck

The rime of the ancient mariner Coleridge shoots an albatross

Where the carcass of the albatross around his neck

Is a burdensome. ongoing problem



Greek mythology Cunning Zeus withheld fire from Mankind Mount Olympus stole some fire he gavels man and Chained him to a rock

Is a valiant resistance to authority or rebellion against the established order of the universe



Hindu diety large cart threw themselves in Front Of a cart and was crushed

Is a force especially a destructive force that defies opposition


Red Herring

Fish strong pungent smell confusing they hounds and Diverted them throw the dogs off trail

Refers to Diverting someone onto a false trail or distracting a person from that true issue



Jewish sect insisted on a strict appearance to written law Jesus outwardly pious inwardly corrupt

Hypocrite who oppose the letter of the law but not is it spirit its hypocritical act