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Why did the theatre in America start so slowly?

You need a big population and free time. Lots of poor people cane and Quaker’s/Puritans came.


What happened in 1665 in Virginia?

3 guys did a play called Ye Bear And Ye Cub and got taken to court for doing it.


What happened in new York in 1709?

They banned plays and the theater.


What happened in 1714?

Robert hunter wrote the first play called Androboros


What was the first theater made in America and who made it and when and where was it made?

The stagg theatre was the first theater in America and it was made by Charles and Mary stagg in 1716 in Williamsburg,Virginia


What was the first REAL theater company and when was it made? What did it look like?

The Company of comedians and it was made in 1752. It was a box out gallery theater style.


Who made the company of comedians? Who stayed in England and who came to America?

William and Lewis Hallam made the company of Comedians. William stayed in England and handled the business portion while Lewis was the actor who came to America.


What was the boat name that the Company Of comedians came to America on? How long did it take?

They came over on the Charming Sally and it took 42 days!


What was the first play the Company of Comedians performed and when?

On September 15, 1752 the merchant of Venus was performed.


How long did the Company of comedians stay in Williamsburg?

11months. Then they went on tour.


What were the places that the Company of Comedians toured to?

New York,Philadelphia, and Jamaica.


Where did Lewis Hallam die and who finessed his wife and his company?

Lewis Hallam died in Jamaica and David Douglass finessed his wife.


What was David Douglass nick name? How did he get it?

He was known as the Builder of Theaters and he got this name because he built theaters everywhere they toured.


Who took over the Company of Comedians after Lewis Hallam died and Who became the main actor?

David Douglass took it over and Lewis Hallam son was the leading man.


What was the first play to be written and performed by PROFESSIONAL actors? When was it made?

The prince of Parthia by Thomas Godfrey in 1767


What was the first comedy to be produced by professional actors? Who made it? What year?

The Contrast by Royall Tyler in 1787.


What was the new name for the Company of Comedians once David Douglass took over?

The Old American Company


Who was Thomas Wignell? What did he do?

He was a cousin of the Hallums and was the best comedian actor in America at the time. He started the Chestnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia because the Old American Company wouldn’t give him a share


Who was Thomas A. Cooper?

He was the First Star and became the Manager of The Park Theatre in New York


Who was the first superstar? What did he do?

George Fredrick Cooke. He established Theater as a business in 1810