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Mr Birling:
1) “You’ll hear some people say-“
3)”I speak as-“
4)”A man has to make his own way-“
5)”Still I can‘t accept-“
7)”It’s my duty-“
8)”There’s every excuse-“

1)”-that war’s inevitable. And to that I say-fiddlesticks!”
2)”-absolutely unsinkable.”
3)”-a hard-headed businessman.”
4)”-and look after himself, and his own.”
5)”-any responsibility.”
6)”-girl’s suicide.”
7)”-to keep labour costs down.”
8)”-for what your mother and I did.”


Mrs Birling:
1)”Please don’t-“
2)”I don’t think we-“
3)”That-I consider-“
4)”I’m very sorry. But I think-“
5)”I blame the young man-“
6)”Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I say-“
7)”You know of course that my husband was Lord Mayor-“

1)”-contradict me like that.”
2)”-can help you much.”
3)”-a trifle impertinent, Inspector.”
4)”-she had only herself to blame.”
5)”-who was the father of the child.”
6)”-I couldn’t imagine a real police inspector talking to us like that.”
7)”-only two years ago and that he’s a magistrate.”


Gerald Croft:
1)”After all y’know, we’re-“
2)”(distressed) Sorry-I-well, I’ve suddenly-“
3)”I suppose it was inevitable. She was young and pretty and warm hearted-“
4)”It’s hard to say. I didn’t feel-“
5)”She knew it couldn’t last-“
6)”I insisted on a parting gift of enough money - even though it wasn’t very much-“

1)”-respectable citizens and not criminals.”
2)”-realised-taken it in properly-that she’s dead-“
3)”and intensely grateful. I became at once the most important person in her life - you understand?”
4)”-about her as she felt about me.”
5)”-hadn’t expected it to last.”
6)”-to see her through to the end of the year.”


Sheila Birling:
1)”Run along-“
2)”Oh how horrible!-“
3)”These girls aren’t cheap labour-“
4)”But she was very pretty and looked-“
5)”I’ll never, never do it again to-“
6)”The point is-“
7)”(bitterly) I suppose we’re-“
8)”I remember what he said, how he looked and what he made me feel-“

1)”-Sheila.” (Mr Birling)
2)”-Was it an accident?”
3)”-they’re people!”
4)”-as if she could take care of herself.”
6)”-you don’t seem to have learned anything.”
7)”-all nice people now.”
8)”-Fire and blood and anguish. And it frightens me the way you talk.”


Eric Birling:
1)”Yes I know - but still -“
3)”I was in that state when a chap-“
4)”I wasn’t in love with her or anything-“
5)”No. She didn’t want me to marry her. Said I didn’t love her-and all that-“
6)”Just used her for the end of a stupid drunken evening-“
7)”Your own grandchild-you killed-“
8)”And I say the girl’s dead and we all helped-“

1)”-Just let me finish Eric.”
2)”-squiffy.” (Sheila)
3)”-easily turns nasty-and I threatened to make a row.”
4)”-but I liked her-she was pretty and a good sport-“
5)”-In a way, she treated me-as if I were a kid.”
6)”-as if she was an animal, a thing, not a person.” (Inspector)
7)”-them both-damn you, damn you-“
8)”-to kill her-and that’s what matters.”


1)”You see, we have to share something. If there’s nothing else-“
2)”Public men, Mr Birling-“
3)”One Eva Smith has gone-but there are millions and millions and millions-“
4)”If men will not learn that lesson-“
5)”Sometimes there isn’t as much difference as you think-“
6)”And you think young women ought to be-“

1)”-we’ll have to share our guilt.”
2)”-have responsibilities as well as privileges.”
3)”-of Eva Smiths and John Smiths left with us.”
4)”-they will be taught it in fire, blood and anguish.”
5)”-often, if it was left to me, I wouldn’t know where to draw the line.”
6)”-against unpleasant and disturbing things?”