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What arteries arise from the arch of the aorta?

Brachiocephalic trunk
(right common carotid and subclavian)
Left common carotid
Left subclavian


Name the veins that join to make the inferior vena cava

Inferior Vena Cava


At what plane level does the inferior vena cava enter the pericardium



Name the veins which join to make up the superior vena cava

Brachiocephalic veins travel inferiorly through thoracic region. Drains into right atrium at 3rd Rib


At what plane level does the pulmonary trunk bifurcate into the pulmonary arteries.



Name the division between the atria and the ventricles

Coronary Sulci


What are the names of the divisions separating the ventricles

Anterior and Posterior intraventricular sulci


What is the clinical relevance of the transverse pericardial sinus

Used to identify artery to ligate in a CABG
It is:
Posterior to ascending aorta and pulmonary trunk
Anterior to superior to vena cava
Superior to lever atrium.


Where does the right atrium receive blood from?

Superior & Inferior Vena Cavae
Coronary veins
Pumps the blood through the atrioventricular orifice into the right ventricle


Describe the role of the right auricle

a muscular pouch that acts to increase the capacity of the atrium.


Name and describe the two main parts of the right atrium

Sinus venarum- Receives blood from the superior and inferior vena cava. Derived from sinus venosus

Atrium proper- includes right auricle. Rough muscular walls formed from by pectinate muscles


Where does the coronary sinus open

Between atrioventricular orifices and inferior vena cava orifice


Clinical Relevance of fossa oval is

Small oval shaped depression. Allows shunting of blood between atrias; closes normally once you take your first breath.


What is the inflow and outflow portion of the left atrium

Its iinternal surface is smooth and it is derived from the pulmonary veins themselve


Types of pectinate muscles which make up the trabeculae carneae

Ridges- Attached along entire inner surface of the ventricles
Bridges - Attached to ventricles at both ends. Free in the middle
Key role in conductive function
Pillars (Papillary) - anchored at bases. Apices attach to chords tendineae which in turns attaches to the 3 tricuspid valves


Conus arteriosus

Outflow portion to pulmonary arteries. Smooth with no trabeculae carneae


Aortic Vestibule

Outflow portion of the Left ventricle. Smooth wall with no trabeculae carneae.


Describe the electrical pathway in the heart

SAN -> AVN -> Bundle of His-> Purkinje Fibers

(Electrical impulse R to L in atria, L to R in ventricles)


What nerves regulate heart rate

Vague nerve (parasympathetic)
Sympathetic nerves


What are the different type of heart blocks

First degree- PR greater than 0.2. When impulse takes longer to go from SAN to AVN

Mobitz I/ Wenckeback -PR lengthens followed by a loss beat (QRS). Mostly due to AVN problems

Mobitz II - Non conducting P waves. No PR prolongation. QRS complex is usually wide. Usually bundle of his disease

Third degree - P-P and QRS-QRS intervals regular but complete dissociation between P and QRS. Most common cause previous MI

RBBB: right bundle of his damaged. Impulse comes from left bundle branch. QRS widened. RSR' in V1-3. Slurred S waves in 1,aVL, v5-6

LBBB: left bundle of his damaged. Left ventricle gets impulse from right side. QRS wide >120ms. Deep S wave in V1. Broad R waves and absence of Q waves in lateral (1, v5-6 maybe aVL)

Incomplete LBBB is when QRS<120 ms. Has rest of morphology


Branches of Right coronary artery (MI leads II,III, aVF, possible v3-v4)

Right marginal artery (anterior surface)
Posterior intraventricular artery (right posterior surface)


Branches of left coronary artery

Left anterior descending (anterior, leads V1-6 most likely v2,v1)
Left marginal artery (anterior surface)
Circumflex (left posterior surface, lateral leads I, aVL, V5-V6)


What area of the heart does the RCA supply

Right atrium
SA and AV nodes
Posterior part of intraventricular septum


What area of the heart does the right marginal artery supply

Right ventricle


What are of the heart does the posterior intraventricular artery supply?

Right and left ventricles
Anterior 2/3 of the intraventricular septum


What area of the heart does the LCA supply?

Left atrium and ventricle
AV bundles


Main branches of descending abdominal aorta
(Prostitutes Cause Sagging Swollen Red Testicles [in men] Living In Sin)

Phrenic [inferior] : T12
Coeliac T12
Superior mesenteric L1
Suprarenal [middle] T12
Renal L1
Testicular ["in men" only] L2
Inferior mesenteric L3
Sacral L5