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Who would the king call upon if he needed advice and who made up that group?

The Witan
Most powerful nobles and Earls


Who had the most control in Anglo Saxon society?
A) The villagers
B) The King
C) The Witan
D) The Archbishop

B) The King


During King Edward's reign, who was the Earl of Wessex, Northumbria and Mercia?

Edwin of Wessex
Morcar of Mercia
Harold of Northumbria


What were the roles of the Earls?

Governed their areas according to the King's laws.
Prevented rebellions.
Raised armies.


What was a Thegn?

Someone who owned and paid taxes on 5 pieces of land.
Less powerful than Earls.
Were called upon for military service in return for their land


What were Earldoms split into and who controlled them?

Split into Shires, and then hundreds.
Shires looked after by sherrifs.
Hundreds by reeves.


Explain ceorls, peasants and slaves.

Ceorls - free men who owned land. Had to serve in an army if called upon.
Peasants - rented their land from a thegn and had to work on the thegn's land for 3 days a week.
Slaves - 10% of the population. Not free. Had no land and worked for the thegns as farm labourers and servants.


What was a blood feud?

Murder or severe offences could be retalliated by the victim's family onto the criminal or their family without consulting the courts. However, the family of the criminal could then retalliate again.


What was a wergild?

The cash value of a crime victim. The amount depended on the rank of the person in society.


When was capital punishment used?

Treason, crimes against the church, betrayal to their lord.


What was a tithing?

Men were placed in groups of 10 and were responsible for eachother's behaviour. Any law breaking would be bought to the court by the other members. Failure to do so would result in a group fine.


Explain the three types of trial.

Shire and hundred courts.
Used a jury made up of people who knew both parties in the case. The jury made a judgement.

If the two courts could not make a decision, there would be 'trial by ordeal' - going through painful tests to determine innocence under the control of God.


How much of the land was owned by the church?



What was the hierarchy in the church?

Two archbishops (Canterbury and York)
Fifteen bishops
Numerous priests.


Why did almost everyone go to church?

Scared by the concept of heaven and hell.
People accepted that harvest, disease and entry to heaven was under Gpd's control.
Several Holy and Saint days that meant all people could attend church ceremonies and skip work.