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What are the 3 reasons as to why we are interested in animal communication? We can communicate what we have ___

To understand 1) the cognitive mechanisms necessary, 2) the brain mechanisms necessary and 3) the type of info which can be communicated. Learnt


Does communication refer only to verbal language?

No it refer to body language too and pheromones


Von Frisch (1973): The round and waggle dance by honey bees indicates the.... Are bees uncontrollably influenced to follow the directions of the dance?

Direction and distance of the location of food away from the hive. No, they can stick to private info if they wish


What happens when a queue bee dies?

She must be replaced. After emerging from the royal jelly treatment, the first candidate attempts to kill competitors. The candidate toots and the victim quacks


Name 4 parallels between human speech and bird song. They have recently been replicated with ___ birds in the southern hemisphere

Both 1) require learning, unlike other species which do not require exposure for acquisition, 2) show hemispheric asymmetry for language processing, 3) require the capacity to perceive and produce speech and 4) show sensitive periods for learning. Female


In the ___ of the sparrow, SURs have found cells which respond to.... Bird song neurons have also been found in the ___. Whilst originally found in low-level areas, bird song neurons have more recently been identified in...

Pallium. Particular aspects of bird song. Striatum. Higher-level areas


So if birdsong is learnt, does a finch have the innate capacity to learn any type of finch? Where in the brain does manipulating bird song experience have an effect?

Not completely, zebra finch exposed only to bengalese finch learn bengalese finch but it contains tints of zebra finch, suggesting that bird song is a little hard wired. On the tuning of midbrain and forebrain neurons


To learn the causal structure of the environment, animals must learn 2 types of temporal info:

1) the covariation of events, 2) the temporal relations between events


Gopnik believed that Pavlov's dogs could 'not ring the bell for the food' because...

They lacked temporal causal maps, like the notion of cognitive maps in the spatial domain


Pigeons can be trained to discriminate between artificially grammatical vs. ungrammatical combinations of sounds. Grammar was defined by...

The temporal/ serial order of sounds


Hungry rats can be trained to fetch food after hearing 4...and not after hearing each CS pair in the ___ order. Neurons in the monkey ___ ___ ___ encode temporal order

Pairs of sounds. Reverse. Left lateral PFC


Give an example of higher-order inhibitory conditioning

A light cues food but not when preceded by a tone


Rats exhibit temporal rule learning in conditioning in as much as when trained that ABA predicts food they will respond more to

CDC than CCD or DCC


The study of clever hans should teach us...

To avoid simple explanations of complex behaviour. Clever Hans appeared to be able to read and write by tapping his foot in response to his owner's pointing, yet it was later discovered that the horse managed this by detecting implicit cues from the owner as to the right answer