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Explain what is meant by the term Garbage.

Garbage means all kinds of victual, domestic and operational waste excluding fresh fish, generated during the normal operation of the ship.


State the occasions when entries should be made in the garbage record book.

- Each discharge operation, or completed incineration.
- Each discharge operation, or completed incineration must be signed for on the date of the operation by the Officer in charge.
- All entries into the book must be made in the official language of the Flag State and in English or French.
- Each completed page of the book must be signed by the Master.
- Each entry must include the date and time, position, description of the garbage and the estimated amount discharged or incinerated.


State the maximum UK penalty on the Master for a breach of the garbage discharge requirements.

USD 50,000 with possible custodial sentence.


State how expired pyrotechnics should be disposed of.

- A collect on delivery policy with the supplier.
- Possibly MGCA in the event of being unable to dispose of.
- RYA may take them as will others if safe disposal is possible for a cost.


State two methods that should not be used to dispose of out of date pyrotechnics.

- Fired off at sea or thrown overboard.