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What kind of work settings are available for electricians?

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional


In regards to the structure of apprentice technical training, what does "industry driven" mean?

That both employer and employee representatives in the trade make most of the decisions relating to the format of technical training.


Who is responsible for your blue record book?

You are!


Who determines the competencies set forth in the program training profile?

The LAC and PAC.


The contract of apprenticeship in Alberta is between three parties; what are these parties?

  • The apprentice
  • The employer
  • The apprenticeship and industry training board.


Regarding workplace safety, what are your employer's responsibilities?

  • Provision and maintenance of safety equipment
  • Provision of protective devices and clothing
  • Enforcement of safe work procedures
  • Training of employees in safe operations
  • Safeguarding equipment, machinery and tools
  • Observance of all accident prevention regulations


Regarding workplace safety, what are your responsibilities as an employee?

  • Work in accordance with safe work practices
  • Work so as not to endanger self or others


How many compulsory trades are there in Alberta?

How many optional trades?

How many designated occupations?

  • 19 compulsory trades
  • 30 optional trades
  • 12 designated occupations.


How many hours of work are required in all electrician apprenticeship periods?

  • 1500 hours for period 1,2 and 3
  • 1350 hours for period 4.


For what trade can journeyman electricians get advanced credit towards?

Power systems electrician.


What are four related fields to electrician work.


  • Inspection
  • Supervision
  • Sales
  • Instruction.


How many requirements must be met for an apprentice to get a progress stamp in their blue book?


  • Complete school and TQ
  • Complete required work experience
  • Wait for an anniversary date.


There are three trade certificate endorsements associated with the electrician trade, what are they and what do they signify?

  • Red seal (interprovincial): The ability to work in other participating provincial jurisdictions in Canada.
  • Blue seal (business skills): The recognition of having the skills required to succeed in business.
  • Gold seal (money skills): A nationally recognized competence in construction industry management skills.


What is the main difference between the LAC and PAC?

The PAC decides content for their trade and monitors the LAC, whereas the LAC gelps settle certain disputes between apprentice and employer, recommends improvements for training and recommends new PAC members