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Which two major vessels provide the arterial branches supplying the brain?

Internal Carotid Arteries

Basillar Arteries


Which arteries converge to form the basillar artery?

Vertebral Arteries



(enter through the foramen magnum)


What are the two major branches of the internal carotid artery providing the anterior circulation to the brain?

Middle Cerebral Artery

Anterior Cerebral Artery

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Which lobes of the brain are supplied by the middle cerebral artery?

Lateral Ascpect of Frontal Lobe

Lateral Aspect of Parietal Lobe

Superior Aspect of Temporal Lobe


What is the clinical relevance of damaging the blood supply to the lateral aspect of the frontal, temporal and parietal lobe, given that these include the central-sulcal region?

potential damage to the primary motor and sensory cortex at the lateral homunculus


loss of cortical areas supplying the face

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What is the purpose of the anterior communicating artery?

connects the two anterior cerebral arteries together - providing a collateral circulation should one of the preceeding bracnhes become occluded

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Which area of the brain is supplied by the anterior cerebral arteries?

medial portions of the frontal and patietal lobes

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Outline the major arterial branches leading to the formation of the 2 x posterior cerebral arteries

Vertebral arteries > Basillar arteries > Posterior cerebral arteries


How are the posteior cerbral arteries connected to the anterior circulation?

via the posterior communicating arteries, which connect to the internal carotids

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Which area of the brain is supplied by the posterior cerebal arteries?

Occipital Lobe

Inferior Portion of Temporal Lobe

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Which area of the spine is supplied by the anterior spinal artery and from which vessel does it arise?

Arises from Vertebral Arteries

Supplies Anterior 2/3 of Spinal Cord

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What risk to the patient is posed should the pontine branches of the basillar artery be damaged during neurosurgical procedures?

"locked in syndrome"


pontine arteries supply the pons, which contain major motor pathways

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Which 3 major arterial branches supply the cerebellum?

Superior Cerebellar Artery

Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery

Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery 

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Occlusion of which artery(ies) can lead to lacunar strokes?

lenticulostriate arteries


lacunar stroke leads to small ischemic infarctions in the deep regions of the brain or brainstem 

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Why do patients with signs of cerebellar dysfunction possibly due to a stroke, require an examination of their brainstem function?

cerebellar arteries also give off branches to the brainstem - therefore it is possible for the brainstem to be affected as well as the cerebellum


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