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-Supplies ant brain
-Cervical/ Extracranial segment has no branches
- First branch intracranial ICA is ophthalmic a.
- bifurcates into MCA and ACA *MCA supplies majority of cerebral hemis
- Segments of Carotid sinus/ Cavernous ICA :Supraclinoid- Genu (where ophthalmic a comes off)- Parasellar


Ophthalmic a branches often used for collaterals

Supraorbital a, frontal a, nasal a

(These arteries would anastomose with the ECA- allows blood to re enter the ICA just before the circle of Willis)



- supplies face
- 1st branch is superior thyroid


Vertebral a

- supply post brain
- join to form basilar a @ pontomedullary junction
- basilar a has 4 branches that feed the pons and cerebellum


Common LE anatomic variants

Hypoplasia/ aphasia of ATA
Anomalous location of dorsal is pedis


Collateral Routes

Distal Ao and bilateral CIA obstruction- thoracic, abd wall, mesenteric and lumbar a.
Unilateral CIA obstruction- Hypogastric/ pelvic a (to contralateral iliac or FA)
EIA and CFA obstruction- ipsilateral pelvis and FA branches
DPA obstruction- prox= ipsilateral pelvic and FAs. Distal= SFA, POPA
SFA and POPA obstruction- profunda
TPT obstruction- calf branches