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(Sexual ♥️), Iago believes love is primal sexual urge .. "merely"

"love is merely a lust of the blood"
A1 S3

Nature, vitality of blood, uses lust as weakness of O, R


(True♥️) Desdemona - proves her Love surpasses race, "visage"

" I saw Othellos visage in my mind"
A1 S3

Religious, godlike, all encompassing.


(Sexual♥️) - Roderigo to Brabantio, beastiality imagery, racial,

"An old black ram is tupping your white ewe"
A1 S1

dichotomy of light and dark, angelic vs devil, age


(True ♥️) Desdemona, repeatedly names othello as godlike even on her deathbed.

"My lord"
A1 s1 to end
Repeatedly lamented


Jealousy♥️, Iago convinces Othello "green eyed..."

"green eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds upon"
A3 S3

Language of sexual appetite, 'monstrous', personifies jealousy


Social barriers♥️ Iago persuades othello that Des wants a white "complexion" Venetian

"Of her own clime, complexion and degree"
A3 S3
Social barriers, taboo black men in Jacobean England, hierarchy, upperclass expectations.


Sexual ♥️ Emilia feminist speech, female wives ignored sexuality

Wives "have their palates...As husbands have"
A3 S4


3 Objectifying, hating women quotes said by Othello

"Lewd minx"
"Makes men mad"


Misogyny,Othello justifies service of killing Des as

"Else she'll betray more men"

Adam and Eve, fall of man, infidelity
A5 S2