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You hear a high pitched decrescendo diastolic murmur, loudest at 3rd-4th IS. You hear it best with Pt leaning forward with held expiration.

aortic regurgitation


You hear a loud, rough systolic crescendo-decrescendo murmur at the upper left sternal border, when Pt leans forward, radiating to the right clavicle and neck with a thrill.

aortic stenosis


You hear a late systolic murmur and midsystolic click.

mitral valve prolapse


You hear a blowing holosystolic murmur best at the apex, with Pt in the left lateral decubitus position.

mitral valve regurgitation


You hear an opening snap, diastolic murmur, and a loud S1.

mitral valve stenosis


You hear a high pitched diastolic murmur at the upper left sternal border.

pulmonic regurgitation


You hear a widened split of S2 and maybe an early systolic click. You hear a harsh crescendo-decrescendo murmur at the left 2nd parastenal IS with no radiation, louder with inspiration.

pulmonic stenosis


You hear a pansystolic blowing murmur loudest on inspiration, best at the right or left lower sternal border.

tricuspid regurgitation


You hear a short, scratchy diastolic murmur that increases with inspiration. You can hear it best in the lower right and left parasternal borders.

tricuspid stenosis