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Backward masking/masking

An effect, often seen in perception experiments, in which a mask or pattern presented very shortly after a stimulus and disrupts or even prevents the perception of the earlier stimulus.



The movement or school of psychology in which the organisms observable behaviour was the primary topic of interest, and the learning of new stimulus-response associations, whether by classical conditioning or by reinforcement principles, was deemed the most important kind of behaviour to study.



The fifty level of analysis of language, according to Miller, in which the listener's attitudes and beliefs about he speaker influence what is comprehended and remembered.



Any positive or advantageous effect on processing, usually because of prior presentation of related information; in RT research, a speedup of RT due to related information.


Beta movement

Illusory movement that occurs when two or more pictures are viewed in rapid succession, as in a movie.


Bottom up processing/data driven processing

When mental processing of a stimulus is guided largely or exclusively by the features and elements in the pattern itself, this processing is described as being data-driven.


Boundary extension

The finding that people tend to misremember more of a scene than was actually viewed, as if the boundaries of an image extended further out.


Bridging inference

Clark's (1977) term for the mental processes of reference, implication and inference during language comprehension. Metaphorically, a bridge must be drawn from 'he' back to 'Gary' to comprehend the sentence 'Gary pretended he wasn't interested'.


Broca's aphasia

A form of aphasia characterised by severe difficulties in producing spoken speech; that is, the speech is hesitant, effortful, and distorted phonemically (contrast with Wrnicke's aphasia). The aphasia is caused by damage in Broca's area, a region of the cortex net to the major motor control centre.


Brown-Peterson Task

A short-term memory task showing forgetting caused by proactive interference.